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World travel photos

The best tourist destination albanian travel

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The best tourist destination  albanian travel

Greece is one of the EU economically less developed countries, the relatively weak economic base, the main mineral resources of bauxite (reserves of about 10 million tons), brown coal (reserves of 5.6 billion tons), nickel, chromium, magnesium, asbestos , uranium, marble. Forest area accounts for 20% of its territory. Industrial base is weak compared to other EU countries, backward technology, small-scale mining, metallurgy, textiles, shipbuilding, construction and other major industrial. Greece is a traditional agricultural country, accounting for 26.4% of the national area of arable land. The service industry is an important part of the economy, the tourism industry is to get foreign exchange to maintain one of the main sources of the international balance of payments.The rapid development of the tourism industry since the sixties, seventies, continued growth in the number of inbound tourists. In recent years, the number of inbound tourists is more than the total population of the Greek. The main tourist spots Acropolis, Delphi Temple of the Sun, ruins of ancient stadium in Olympia, Crete labyrinth, Epi Duff Ross amphitheater, Virgin Gina Macedonian tomb, sacred mountains, Rhode Island, Corfu Island .

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