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World travel photos

Shine With Dazzling Brilliance Namibia

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Shine With Dazzling Brilliance Namibia

Fields of the GEMS ROYAL BUSINESS GROUP (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED’s operation include Opal , Mystic quartz , Morganite , Mandarin Garnet , Malee Garnet , Kunzite , Fire Opal , Demantoid Garnet , Color Change Garnet , Chrysoberyl , Blue Sapphire , Black Spinel , Bi color Tourmaline , Bi Color Sapphire , Aquamarine , Apatite , Amethyst , Quartz , Unheated Sapphire , Tourmaline , Ungrouped ,

Our Products The company brand: GemsRoyalModel Number: g15889Gemstone Nature: NaturalGemstone Color Style: GreenGemstone Material: GarnetGemstone Shape: Round Brilliant CutGemstone Size: 7.73X7.68X4.56 mm.Gemstone Weight: 2.19 Ct.

In addition, GEMS ROYAL BUSINESS GROUP (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED is a professional Suppliers and manufacturer Related products include ,phone phone service fashion accessories,gem jewelry making,cheap cool sunglasses ,pearl 8220,solar golds,barrel providers ,bed silver ,insect amber fashion jewelry ,amethyst squares
fancy color diamond,Unheated sapphire,Unheated Ruby,Tourmaline,Spinel
53 / 3 Phandinthing village

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